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Barry Jahn started our business in 2008 as a tribute to Kanani. Kanani Christine Wong came into our lives in 2002 on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. Barry fell in love with her and soon they were living together with the ocean as their backyard. Barry’s lifelong friend, Steve Crane would often fly in for short vacations, and soon Kanani adopted him as family. She was intelligent, beautiful and spiritual – the quintessential native Hawaiian island girl.

She was also very private and stubborn. So it was with great surprise that Barry learned she had suffered through and beaten lung cancer just a short while before they had met. She believed strongly that cannabis had helped her beat and recover from cancer – it helped her appetite, sleep and mood. She continued to use it regularly. In fact you would rarely see her without a partially smoked joint nearby. Her motto was “just a puff or two, to keep things easy.”

Barry had been a backyard grower as far back as the 80’s, so he took advantage of the Hawaiian soil and climate and grew for Kanani’s own supply. When they moved to the Californian high desert in 2008, Barry tried his hand at indoor growing and hydroponics with the old reliable San Fernando Valley OG strain. Soon he had ten lights, and formed a cooperative to legally supply medical marijuana to those in need.

In 2012, Kanani learned that her cancer had returned, and again, she told no one, not even Barry. Barry travelled for months at a time for his work to places like Alaska and when he returned the crop would be beautiful, a full harvest would be trimmed and bagged and Kanani would be exhausted. But she never complained and never let on that she was sick. One day Barry got a call from a hospital. Kanani had been rushed in and despite her protests, the doctors told Barry that she had terminal cancer.

Here in 2017, Steve has joined Barry and together we have created our medical cannabis cultivation company in Kanani’s honor. We saw first-hand how much comfort it gave her in her recovery, and were amazed how she lived during her terminal illness. We hope that our cannabis can help others like it helped Kanani, and our goal is to make it available to as many patients as possible.


What We Do

We use the latest technologies and science to grow medical marijuana for the patient / members of our cooperative. We do not use pesticides or any other harmful substances at any point in the grow cycle. We adhere to an all natural process and system of best practices to assure that our cannabis is as close to organic as possible.

These are the strains that we produce:

Jack Herer
OG Select
Alien OG
Banana OG
Girl Scout Cookies




Our Team

Barry Jahn

Barry Jahn

Cultivation and Operations View Details
Steve Crane

Steve Crane

“Everything Else" View Details
Barry Jahn

Barry Jahn

Cultivation and Operations

Barry has 18 years of experience in the petroleum and process inspection industries, as a senior supervising engineer. He was formerly a California building contractor and has been a cannabis cultivator since the late 1980’s.

He has worked on a wide range of project types from new construction of complex fueling systems, Refinery, Power Plant, Pulp and Paper equipment inspections to managing large inspection teams on upstream facilities. His former “day job” took him from the Southern Caribbean to the far Northern Alaska, and from Hawaii to the Eastern US.

Steve Crane

Steve Crane

“Everything Else"

Steve has worked as an entrepreneur, CEO and venture investor in the Los Angeles area for over thirty years.

Since 2000 he has invested in and joined the boards and management teams of numerous startup and emerging growth companies. He is perhaps best known for his work with CorpHQ Inc., a publicly-traded venture incubator. Formerly an Internet destination for small business, he reacquired the company in 2000, then reorganized, recapitalized and built it into one of the most successful incubators in Los Angeles during the period. From 2001-2007 the company built seven companies, taking two public. During that period, CorpHQ generated five consecutive years of quarterly revenue and earnings growth. After taking the company private, he continued his work in venture finance with the surviving entities until 2016.

Steve Crane has also participated in high profile micro-cap industry advocacy efforts. He served on the NASD’s OTC-Bulletin Board Best Practices Committee in 1999, co-founded The CEO Council, a Washington DC-based advocacy organization in 2002 and testified before White House staff and Congressional Members in 2003-2004.

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